Herne Hill Crime update

From Herne Hill SNT.

Just wanted to keep you up to date with wants going on in Herne Hill,


There has been 6 burglaries in the last 2 weeks. 50% drop when compared to the previous 2 weeks.

Southwell Road
Ferndene Road
Coldharbour corridor

Time/Day: Mainly being committed in the late to early afternoon, through the front door.


There has been 8 robberies in the last 2 weeks, drop from 11 robberies in the previous 2 weeks

Dulwich Road/ Poets Rd
Milkwood Road
Coldharbour Lane
Time/Day: Mainly occurring in the evening into the early hours (2130-0630). Offences were evenly spread throughout the week.

Victims: Mostly lone male and females

Suspects: Mostly black males operating alone or in groups of up to 3. 18-30 years.

Theft from/ of Motor vehicle

There has been 4 from of motor vehicles and 4 theft from motor vehicles in the last two weeks

Brantwood Road
Fawnbrake Avenue
Coldharbour Corridor

Time/Day: Mainly being committed in the late evening

The number of robberies and motor vehicle crime has not dramatically increased or decreased recently, burglaries have however dropped significantly. There has been a number of key arrests that would have had an effect on this. We are currently running various initiatives on Herne Hill to try and combat these issues.

If we are able to ensure our residence are aware of these issues then by raising awareness I believe this should have a positive affect on numbers. So if we pass on the message, for residence, to be careful by not having their mobile phone on display in the evening/early hours. Also keeping valuables out of sight in vehicles and their homes, making sure doors are double locked and windows closed and locked. As well as being vigilant and not being afraid to call police if they see or witness anything suspicious.

If anyone is interested in have a smart water kit to assist us in combating burglaries then please urge them to call our SNT mobile, if no answer then leave a message.

Also if anyone has any information that they believe may assist us in anyway please call as well.

Herne Hill SNT mobile: 02087212824
Crime stoppers number: 0800555111
Emergency: 999
Non emergency: 101 

PC Andrew Moulden