Have your say at St Faith's AGM

The trustees of St Faith’s Community & Youth Association have had a busy year engaged with the redevelopment of the centre. As part of this, we have been working with a local architect, community engagement researcher, website designer and business consultant, you will have noticed some of the outcomes of this with our splendid new website and new hall floor.

Thank you for your patience so far and we ask for your continued support as we continue to improve the facilities and services provided for everybody.

After discussion and consultation the trustees agreed that the St. Faith’s Centre project will be better served as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, with a Foundation model and to this end the following resolution was passed.

“That in the effective pursuit of the objectives of the charity, the present unincorporated charity be dissolved in accordance with Paragraph 13 of the Constitution and that the assets be transferred to a new charity which will have been incorporated and registered as a charity for this purpose.” Note: charity registration has not yet been applied for and the unincorporated charity will not be closed until acceptance of the new charity is given by the charity commission.

This decision will need to be confirmed by a simple majority vote of those present at the AGM, the incumbent and Church Wardens of St .Faith’s church shall have the power to transfer any assets into the account of the new incorporated organisation.

The legal and equitable interest in the buildings of St. Faith’s Centre shall always remain vested exclusively in the Incumbent and Church Wardens of the parish of St. Faith’s North Dulwich.

In the light of this we recommend that as many of you as possible attend the AGM on 1 May at 7pm at the centre. The contact details are below:

St Faith’s Community & Youth Association

St Faith’s Centre, Red Post Hill, London, SE24 9JQ
020 7733 7896 - info@stfaithscentre.org - www.stfaithscentre.org