Half Moon Planning application submitted by Fullers

Planning documents (16/AP/0167 & 16/AP/0168) for the Half Moon Pub were submitted by Fuller, Smith and Turner Plc to Southwark Council on 18 January 2016. They show that kitchen and restaurant areas to the rear of the ground floor are proposed in place of the previous live music area. The deadline for comments (Standard Consultation Expiry Date) is Thursday 11 February 2016.

If you would like to make a planning objection online to Southwark Council about the potential loss of the Half Moon's live music venue, possible grounds for objection you may wish to include (not exhaustive by any means, ideally don’t copy and paste word for word) are:

- The application does not accord with Policy 7.1 (Building London’s Neighbourhoods & Communities) of the London Plan which states that development should improve people’s access to social and community infrastructure. In this case the development would result in the loss of a highly valued community live music venue asset;

- The application would result in the unacceptable loss of a very popular and valued facility for original live music, comedy and theatre that is unique in the area and draws people from all over London;

- The pub is now listed as an Asset of Community Value, the non ancillary basis for which is the contribution of live music in the pub to the social wellbeing and social interests of the local community through its live music venue;

- The proposed kitchen and restaurant areas to the rear of the ground floor would in no way be an adequate replacement for the current live music venue and the pub would certainly not be able to maintain the same strong commitment to live music offered by the existing premises;

- The applicant has not sufficiently demonstrated that the current live music venue is not and cannot be viable;

- The pub's live music facility is an essential venue for the annual Herne Hill Music Festival and the annual Herne Hill Free Film Festival;

- The live music venue is of sufficient quality to be considered as a non-designated heritage asset. The Half Moon has been a live music venue for over 40 years, with accompanying heritage values for the local community and wider communities of interest. This should be acknowledged as the planning basis for making sound decisions about the future of the live music venue, but the applicant has not addressed the heritage value of the live music venue in the application;

- The live music venue has over 40 years of history and holds significant communal and social value derived from its meanings for people in the local community who relate to it, or for whom it figures in their collective experience or memory of the Half Moon, or perceive as a source of local identity, distinctiveness, social interaction and coherence. The applicant has not addressed the impact of the loss of communal and social value relating to the live music venue in the application.

Please go online here to register your planning objections. There are 2 parts to the Fullers planning application (ref:16/AP/0167 and 16/AP/0168) (it may be a good idea to cut and paste your comments in both sections):



We have a very difficult task ahead if we are to save live music at the Half Moon. If you do one thing over the next few days, please take 5 mins to go online as shown above and register your planning objection. It is your democratic right, and the purpose of this process is that we end up with a set of revised (and improved) plans for the Half Moon that are both economically viable for Fullers and retain its capacity as a much-loved local venue for live music. Thank you!