Green Spaces Consultation

The Environment Committee of the London Assembly is investigating how to organise best practice models of green space governance and management with acknowledgement of the benefits of green space on a social and economic benefits for Londoners, but at a time of renewed cuts in local authority budgets. This means the quality and accessibility of our green spaces, and their associated benefits, are now at risk. The key, as funding is decreasing, is to become even more sustainable. Ideas so far include ways of encouraging multifunctional use of green space (currently used and un-used), installation of Sustainable Drainage Systems, and the promotion of green infrastructure thinking across London. You're invited to get involved by submitting your thoughts. The Committee welcomes contributions from members of the public, volunteers, community governance, charity and private management as well as public sector management. To contribute, please send submissions by 9 December 2016 using the details in this link: