Full-time job with a local social enterprise

The Restart Project, a local social enterprise, is looking for a London Network Lead. We help people transform their relationship with electronics by teaching repair at community events, working with educators and makers, and advocating for better policies. We look at the big picture, on how to improve electronics for people and the planet, from design and manufacture all the way to end of life, and our community activities are central to this. Greater community action and involvement, as well as a revitalised commercial repair sector, are needed to transform our society. 

The focus of this role is networking and communication: engaging with our London network of event hosts and volunteers to build and strengthen events, and creating partnerships with repair businesses to boost the repair economy and build a shared platform for change. 

We are offering a full time position with a one-year contract, with possibility of renewal. More details here: https://therestartproject.org/london-network-lead-2/

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