Friends of Ruskin Park AGM

The Friends of Ruskin Park are holding their Annual General Meeting on Sept 29th, upstairs in The Cambria pub in Kemerton Rd, just off Herne Hill Road.

The meeting starts at 7.30 but why not come along at 7.00, grab a drink from the bar then come upstairs where we will have some lovely snacks for your delectation.

Despite suggestions to the contrary Ruskin Park, all of it, is in Herne Hill. If you live in Herne Hill, however you define that, then what happens in Ruskin Park should matter to you.

Here's some motivation to attend our AGM.

We have a paddling pool, a.k.a. The Junior Lido, that is THE place to be for many children and families on any remotely warm day. This teeters on the edge of survival as the cost of repairs will become unbearable in the new Parks funding regime.

The Friends are preparing a business plan, without any financial assistance from Lambeth, to look at ways we can raise money to keep facilities like the paddling pool open, and much more.

Why no help from Lambeth? What about the Co-operative Council?

The Friends are on board with co-operation but Lambeth Planners recently made a decision behind closed doors, in contradiction with Lambeth's own stated policies of community, co-operative engagement, to take away the S106 money Ruskin Park had been promised. So no money, no Master Plan.

This year Lambeth carried out small repairs to our Tennis Courts, and we ran a hugely successful series of tennis coaching sessions with over 100 children attending. Adults are less likely to play serious tennis in Ruskin because our courts need renewing not repairing. We have Redgra sports pitches, not all weather 3G surfaces, we don't have an outside gym. Sports facilities in Ruskin Park are 2nd class, it says so on Lambeth's website.

Ruskin Park has the capacity to have a fantastic sports provision, to help reduce a burden on taxpayers money by reducing the costs incurred treating the side effects of lack of activity. A cost the 2020 Consultation put at £4.8m in Lambeth in 2009/10.

Ruskin Park has much more to offer than this, it has features reminding us of the parks heritage, it is well stocked with mature trees, some of which are rare or unusual, and again much of this is in sad decline through lack of maintenance and investment. The amazing views across London, doing a time check off Big Ben, are maintenance and stress free.

Lambeth's 2020 Consultation anticipates success in 2020 in four ways, one being “ Improved physical and mental health for everyone, but especially those most at risk of ill health”

Ruskin Park is ideally situated to help achieve this headline goal being right next door to both The Maudsley Hospital and Kings College Hospital, a Major Trauma Centre.

The therapeutic benefits of being outdoors, green spaces, engaging in horticulture are all hot topics at the moment.

Can you afford to do nothing?

Please take 5 mins to complete our business planning survey

Explore Ruskin Park online

Speak up for Ruskin Park, Herne Hill, at our AGM on the 29th Sept.

David Whyte

Chair, FoRP