Free online fitness classes

We are live streaming all our fitness classes live and totally free through our Instagram @fisonfitness.

At Fison Fitness we try to do everything to make sure that our little studio is a place people feel welcome, secure and happy. So in this period of lockdown, we are trying to keep that up via social media and keep people moving & smiling.
We run an average of 5 classes a day, suitable for all levels. The classes we have scheduled are:
- Circuits
- Boxfit
- Yoga
- Pilates
- Circuits
- Postnatal Circuits
- HiiT
You can find our weekly live class schedule on our website or on our Instagram @fisonfitness 
All classes are totally free but we are continuing to pay our teachers so if you would like to contribute we have set up a digital membership which you can purchase through our website or by clicking on the following link below.