Dorchester Court Planning Application: Appeal from Residents

Three years after beginning the consultation process Manaquel Ltd, the landlord, has finally submitted its plans to build 8 townhouses on the garage site and 16 flats on top of the 8 blocks of Dorchester Court.

Manaquel have always ‘sold’ this plan as their way to guarantee Dorchester Court gets fixed. Amazingly, after all the promises, although their planning documents describe the renovation works, they make no concrete commitment to doing them.

Tenants will be evicted, leaseholders will be re-homed for the duration of the works to their blocks, a thriving community will be ripped apart, to the sole profit of the landlord.

The Dorchester Court Residents’ Association will be objecting to this application in its entirety.If you agree with us please lodge your objections on the Lambeth website.

Numbers count! We need as many people to object as possible.

Because of the important heritage status of Dorchester Court you need to make two objections.  One is related to the application to build the new houses and flats, and the other is related to the effect that this project will have on the Grade Two Listed status that Dorchester Court holds.

To find out more about the consulation and how to add your feedback, please visit the website of the Dorchester Court Residents Association. The consultation closes on 8th May, so there is just over a week left to respond.


This listed property has not been cared for over the last 30 years I have lived in Herne Hill. To try and flog off the roof to build upwards is a bad move. It will look vile. It is only a get rich quick scheme, and you should be ashamed of yourselves. Plus it is a listed building, so hopefully you will be stopped at the planning stage...