Distance Reiki - to your own home

Dear Herne Hill folk,

Even though we're stuck indoors and can't visit our usual places, you can still receive wonderful self-healing, peaceful and positively beneficial Reiki.  See the Reiki page of www.themindbodyandsoulcoach.com to book some quiet time at home: settle down, lock your door and drift away with powerful meditations and Reiki experiences.  Reiki always works for a person's highest good, and never does harm.  It is a divine energy, capable of clearing muddled or anxious thoughts, clearing and evaporating stored tension, leaving the body feeling wondrously relaxed, calm, at ease.  Reiki works at the root of a problem or issue, so if you have something that's been bothering you for years, you will feel a lifting of the associated anxiety.  Reiki is also useful for just feeling happy, joyful, increasing self-love and love for all living things.

I'm also offering FREE REIKI tasters - 10 minute videocalls using WhatsApp to connect with you; after about 12 minutes I'll end the call to allow you to continue resting as the Reiki carries on working for some time after the call.  

Meantime, stay indoors or if you have to go to the chemist or food shopping, remember the virus lives for 4 hours on plastic and can be caught just through talking to people so keep 2 metres distance apart; use disinfectant on your hands as soon as you leave a shop, don't touch anything in the shop, don't use cash! Don't buy food that is open on display (bakeries continue to pile up their stuff at places where people talk over it!).  And remember that this disaster is teaching us to build stronger relationships, honour and help each other especially the more vulnerable, teach kindness to all no matter their age, way of life, religious beliefs, skin tone, where they're from or any other differences that make up the peoples of our shared Mother Earth. 

Hoping to see you for Reiki to share the high vibes.

love and light,


Kathy Yvanovich

Reiki Master Teacher, The Mind Body and Soul Coach

www.themindbodyandsoulcoach.com  - email me via the Contact page

0044 7753699232 - WhatsApp calls/videocalls/texts please