Coronavirus Advice and Support


We’ve been given links to local support networks established to support anyone self-isolating due to Covid-19.

Information on Covid-19 from Lambeth Council:…/coronavirus-covid-19-informati…

Similar information from Southwark Council:…/p…/for-the-public/coronavirus
and from Southwark Group Practices:

Find your local Covid-19 Mutual Aid support group here:

Master document detailing what’s been done so far in the HH/Dulwich area:

To add YOUR details to help:

Local HH WhatsApp group (link opens invite page to join group)

Phone: 07514134568

Form for those IN NEED OF HELP:

Organising sheet (requests from webform go here):

Record the streets you've flyered / plan to flyer:

Other local support groups - please feel free to add more below:

Phone support for vulnerable people in Lambeth:  Helpline number 020 7926 2999

Donations welcome to Brixton Soup Kitchen:

Food, toiletries and money donations needed at South London Refugee Association:

Local shopping deliveries:

Makerspace have created a directory site for local businesses still doing home delivery: see details here -

There's also a crowdsourced Google spreadsheet covering the whole of SE London: take a look at it, and if you like, update it yourself.

There's also a London-wide site, Still Serving, to highlight restaurants still open for home delivery.

Let’s continue to share the #hernehill love and do what we can to help each other, but please always consider your own personal health and safety first. And wash your hands!