Celebrating 35 years of dancing in Herne Hill

If you or your family are big dance (or local history) fans, please join us in celebrating 35 years of Duo Dance in Herne Hill. 

When we took over the beautiful Half Moon Lane shop in 2015, it had already been there for a huge 33 years. That’s countless pairs of ballet shoes, leotards, ballroom tights, shoe bags, dance slippers and legwarmers. 

We also provide the regulation uniforms for all the local dance school, and professional gymnastics clothes. Our reputation is also built on stocking the top brands of ballroom and Latin shoes and we cater for all foot types.

So to mark our significant dance anniversary, we’d love to see a photo of our shop 35 years ago. We’ll give a bottle of champagne to the first person who comes into the shop with that picture. We don’t mind if it’s digital or print. 

Former dancers and dance teachers ourselves, we live and breathe the ballet, Latin and tap world and are proud of our south London dance heritage. We look forward to sharing it with you!

Anna and Sue, Duo Dance

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