The Carnegie Heritage Plan – Consultation – Seeking your views

Carnegie Community Trust (CCT) was established in 2015 to preserve the Carnegie Library building for the use of the community. The Trustees of CCT want the building to respond to 21st century uses whilst continuing to preserve the Edwardian heritage both in the exterior and interior fabric of the building, and in learning and recreation in the local area.

A Conservation Statement produced in 2014 gives us a strong steer on priorities. In 2019/20 we received a Heritage Lottery Resilience Grant which has helped us to begin to implement our business plan and purchase equipment. As one of the requirements of this grant we have developed a Heritage Plan which sets out the principles that we will apply to the care of the building and its legacy as a Heritage Asset. We are consulting widely and would very much appreciate your comments on the Carnegie Heritage Plan as a statement of our intentions and your suggestions for improvements. 

We recognise that you may not be in a position to let us have your views at this time and we will continue to consult throughout the Summer, including paper copies in the Library when it re-opens. 

Here is a link to the Heritage Plan


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