Brockwell Lido Users' Forum/AGM & BLSC AGM 26th Sept 10-12.30

Brockwell Lido Users' Forum & AGM


Brockwell Lido Steering Committee AGM

Saturday 26th September 2015, 10.00am-12.30pm

Whippersnappers' Room at Brockwell Lido

Not to be missed! Your big opportunity to have your say about our much-loved Brockwell Lido.

A once in a year opportunity to get together with other Brockwell Lido users and put forward your compliments, suggestions, complaints and questions to Fusion managers and Lambeth officers to discuss 'what next' for our wonderful Lido.

Any members who joined BLU before 27th March 2015 are eligible to vote

Complimentary coffee, croissants and rum cake from 9.30am

We need your user feedback

The main part of the Forum will consist of a feedback session. Prior to the event, feedback sheets will be pinned on the two BLU noticeboards at the Lido – one outside the wet side changing rooms and one dry side on the way to the gym and one by the classes.  Please add your comments for discussion at the Forum to these sheets.If you don’t visit the Lido during this period, email your comments to us at Your views and thoughts will be collated and discussed at the meeting and ideas may be incorporated into the Service Delivery Plan for 2016.

Annual General Meeting

The meeting will also incorporate the Annual General Meeting of BLU when we will elect a new BLU Committee.

This election and the one for the Brockwell Lido Steering Committee will be very brief and we endeavour to keep formalities to an absolute minimum.

We look forward to welcoming you and hearing your views


Saturday 26th September 10.00am - 12.30 pm, coffee & cake from 09.30am


Members will also be asked to approve changes to the constitution of both BLU and BLSG which include:

• Rules for banning members.

• Rules for ejecting committee members.

• BLU minutes now to be made public.

• Make it more difficult for members to call emergency meetings. 

• Make it more difficult for new organisations to join BLSG.

• New rules for banning members and organisations from BLSG.

• Removal of Treasurer and Secretary from BLSG, leaving only a Chair (Fusion is only accountable to BLSG, not BLU).