Are you worried about air pollution in the area?

South London grassroots campaign group ‘Mums for Lungs’ is urging parents concerned by dangerous levels of air pollution in London to respond to a critical consultation being run by Transport for London. Air pollution causes an estimated 9000 deaths in the capital every year, and has been linked to cases of asthma in children and babies.

TFL is currently inviting members of the public to offer their views on the plans for an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which will charge the dirtiest vehicles to enter the zone. The consultation proposes expanding the ULEZ boundaries from just central London, to up to but not including the North and South Circular roads. 

However at Mums for Lungs we believe the plans must be much more ambitious. We want to see the ULEZ zone extended to cover all of London, and we would like to see this happen before Sadiq Khan’s term expires in 2020.

The consultation is happening at a time when the annual mean levels of Nitrogen Dioxide in Brixton – one of the most dangerous pollutants - have risen to 102ug/m3 – the EU’s legal limit is just 40ug/m3. 

At Mums for Lungs we believe the chances of reducing toxic levels of pollution in London will be undermined if the ULEZ does not cover all of London. Please consider completing the consultation and contacting your local councillors and MP with your views.

The consultation closes on 28th February and can be found here: