Apples wanted for London Apple Juice and Local Fox Cider

The Orchard Project is looking for London apples to make into apple juice and cider!

Our drinks are made entirely from apples grown across the capital and are handcrafted by local volunteer orchardists. All proceeds are used to help us and our volunteers continue to maintain and rejuvenate London’s forgotten orchards and to train communities in orchard skills.

We take all types of apples, press them in Herne Hill and create a unique blend of cider each year. 
In exchange, we offer back 50% of the juice we make to those who have shared their apples with us, for a small bottling charge.

If you don't have apples but still want to get involved we have spaces left for our upcoming harvests in community orchards as well as a few spaces for our pressing days. All of these are listed on Eventbrite.

For more information and our open days, please go to:  or email with any questions!


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