8 Dec deadline: Proposal to reduce services to Blackfriars affecting Herne Hill station

Anyone getting on the train in the morning will understand that the last thing we need is any reduction in services in the area. I received this message from my residents association which will add pressure to Herne Hill:

Govia Thameslink are proposing to discontinue all the direct trains from West Dulwich to London Blackfriars, City Thameslink and Kings Cross St Pancras from May 2018.

At the moment there are 5 direct trains on weekday mornings, 2 on weekday evenings and 2 from Kings Cross St Pancras to West Dulwich on weekday evenings. At the moment 13 trains leave West Dulwich for central London between 7am and 9am on weekday mornings. If the proposals were carried out, 4 of these would be discontinued so that there would only be 9 trains, a cut of almost one in three trains.

Everybody who travels by train from West Dulwich or Herne Hill to central London on weekday mornings is likely to be affected by these proposals, because the remaining South-Eastern trains to Victoria will be even more crowded. Those who use the Govia Thameslink trains will have to change at Herne Hill, Brixton or London Victoria, so there are likely to be many more people trying to get on trains at Herne Hill. 

The consultation closes on 8 December 2016. If you want to comment, go to:


Timetable consultation : Thameslink and Great Northern


The consultation document is not very forthcoming about the proposals. They are not mentioned in the text, only on the map of the proposed changes. See Kent Thameslink, map page 2.  The station by station comparison says that there will be no trains stopping at West Dulwich. There is a survey to complete.  Box 87 “any other comments” seems to be the only place for comments on these proposals.



Govia have clearly been taking advice from Lambeth Council about how to design consultations that conceal information and prevent meaningful responses!

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