70% rent increase by Dulwich Estates has driven out Just Williams

Just Williams is leaving Herne Hill due to a 70% rent increase by Dulwich Estates. It's the wonderful independent shops like Just Williams that give Herne Hill its delightful, unique urban-village feel. Charging exorbitant rents that drive out these independent shops could lead to the big chains moving in and Half Moon Lane will become another soulless high street.  

Some of those businesses are only just finding their feet after the devastating floods that hit Herne Hill two years ago, and are now being priced out by the landlords such as Dulwich Estates.

Herne Hill is a thriving community and we want it to stay this way, not to become another machigh street filled with the big brands that can afford such high rents.

Dulwich Estates are a charity, yet they do not appear to be engaging with, or acting in the interests of the local community.

If you would like to help shops like Just Williams stay please sign this petition - https://www.change.org/p/dulwich-estates-dulwich-estates-to-behave-reaso...