Herne Hill Market Piano Party this Sunday

Come down to Herne Hill market on Sunday 5th July 2015 for a party with a difference.

The London without Limits festival is here for one day only to help celebrate the famous Herne Hill street piano’s second birthday party.

There will be a host of surprising, sociable and sensory blindfolded activities on the day that will inspire your musical ear and tickle your taste buds.

Taking place in Herne Hill’s street market, the party will have great company with more than 50 traders providing locally-produced foods and arts and crafts from within 100 miles of the market.

Timings on the day:

12pm: Free for all piano session on Herne Hill’s public piano: Try your hand at playing blindfolded, led by the RLSB blind young pianists.

1pm: Blindfolded beer tasting and music; Delight your taste buds by taking part in our blindfolded beer tasting run by Canopy Beer and A Head In A Hat. Our professional pianists will be tickling the ivories whilst you taste.

2pm: Blind vs. Blindfolded pianist play-off: Come along, listen and judge our blindfolded playoff, will our blind pianists or blindfolded sighted pianists win the trophy for best performance?

3pm: Piano-shaped birthday cake tasting: Have your say in picking the winner of the piano-shaped birthday cake competition; come along with your taste buds at the ready!

Fancy a musical challenge?

Have a go at playing the Herne Hill public piano blindfolded. And why not test your palate by blind-tasting some delicious local beer?

To sweeten the deal, there’s also a competition to bake the best piano-shaped birthday cake! So make sure not to miss the blindfolded cake taste test. There’s really nothing like a slice of piano-shaped birthday cake on a Sunday afternoon…

This event will be run by the Herne Hill Forum in partnership with the Royal London Society for Blind People to help raise awareness and beat the lonely reality of childhood sight loss.

Check out blind young pianist, Kevin Satizabal, from RLSB getting some practice in on the piano…he's amazing, click here to view.

Groups audience: