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Community Circuits is a family run outfit with the express goal of getting the community active and fit through circuit training. We bring enthusiasm, dynamism and fun to an aspect of life that should have all of these but frequently lacks them.

Started by two brothers, Jonny Cook and Neil Hay in January 2010, we aim to provide a fun, friendly environment in which you can push yourself hard enough to feel the burn and still want to come back for another session.

We firmly support the view that circuit training is the perfect way to prepare the body for all manner of sports, from running and cycling to martial arts and skiing.

With combined backgrounds in Rugby, Running, Football, Tennis, Squash, Skiing, Cycling, Foot-volley(ask Neil!) amongst many others, we are perfectly positioned to help you train for specific sports or just generally get fitter.

In January 2011 Anne Fison joined the company, bringing a wealth of experience and talent that complimented our unique training style. She also comes from a varied sporting background, adding swimming, lacrosse, netball and cross country to the mix.

We are all qualified Exercise Instructors and offer Personal Training to anyone who wants a more focussed, customised fitness plan. Feel free to give us a call or come to one of our Pilates or Circuit classes and discuss it with us there. for a full schedule. 1st class is free so it’s definitely worth a try!




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