Herne Hill Waste Collective

The Herne Hill Waste Collective has BIN busy clearing up the streets. 

We all know that rubbish in Herne Hill is a problem.  Overflowing wheely bins crowd our pavements, affecting accessibility for wheelchair users and pram pushers, attract rats, foxes and fly tippers galore - along with the inevitable pile-up of coffee cups from well-meaning passers by.  It's not a great way to advertise the area!  

As one solution to tackle this problem, the Herne Hill Forum along with a group of pioneering local businesses has clubbed together to launch the 'Herne Hill Waste Collective'.  This is a daily timed bag and bottle collection for the whole of Herne Hill being run by locally based Quantum Waste, who achieve 90% recycling and composting rates in a locally-run facility. It's a no-contract service, able to price-match commercial contracts, and businesses are charged monthly in arrears only for what's collected. At only £1.30/bag and with simple sorting - ‘food waste’ v ‘everything else - it’s made getting green a lot easier.

The programme has full support from Lambeth and Southwark Councils, and Helen Hayes, MP for Dulwich and West Norwood.

You can see below some of the collective members with their 'We've binned our big bin' window sticker.  

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