Concern about adults in Brockwell Park children's playground

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Concern about adults in Brockwell Park children's playground

It must be fairly obvious to everybody why rules are in place that adults should not be spending time in children's playgrounds unless they are actually accompanying children. This rule is displayed at the playground in Brockwell Park.

However, some personal trainers seem to have no hesitation in conducting small group exercise classes inside the children's playground, usually in the space outside the toilets. I've seen this happening for a while, and it seems to be occuring more frequently now. None of those that I've seen participating have had children in the playground at the time.

Is there anybody to report this to, that might actually take some action? There was an incident a while back where fitness trainers were trying to tell school children they were not allowed on the platform area (the old changing rooms) on the other side of the park. I raised this with both Lambeth Council and the Friends of Brockwell Park; they promised to take action and display signs about shared use of the area, but no signs ever materialised. Is there anybody else that might respond and take action if I raised it with them?