2016 BLU Forum/AGM & BLSC AGM this Sat. 24th Sept 9:30am

Everyone (both members and non-members of BLU) welcome to the 2016 Brockwell Lido Users Forum/AGM and the Brockwell Lido Steering Committee AGM this Saturday Sept. 24th, 10am start, Whippersnapper’s room. Meeting time is officially 10am to 12:30pm but come at 9:30 for breakfast - complimentary croissants, coffee and rum cake, courtesy of Fusion and BLU.  

Please note you’re automatically a member of BLU if you have signed up for newsletters on the BLU website. Only eligible members can vote on motions on Saturday. Being a member of BLU is not the same as being a member of the Lido. Please attend! This is your chance to share ideas with other Lido users and speak directly to Fusion managers and a senior Lambeth Council officer. Come and make your voice heard! 


Brockwell Swimmers are campaigning for more swimming events at the Lido, e.g. Water Polo, Cold Water Swimming Gala, etc. to make more use of the pool when it would otherwise be closed. Please show your support by attending this meeting and voting for our representative Tim Sutton. www.brockwellswimmers.com