Women Only Workshop - Lose weight and tone up

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Women Only Workshop - Lose weight and tone up
Ladies Workshops - Sunday 28th.  10am or 2pm. Based in private personal training studio just off Lordship Lane.

This workshop is for females only and will take you through different weight based exercises which help to build lean muscle (not bulky) and encourage fat loss. With a personal trainer you will learn the correct techniques using light weights and then will be given the chance to practice using the weight that is most suitable to you. By the end of the workshop, together we will be able to build a 12 week plan for you to use at your own gym or at home and you'll know alternative ways to perform the same movements using the resistance machines in your gym or at home. 

The idea behind this workshop is to allow you to practice in an informal setting with other like minded ladies to give you confidence to do something new. It will also help to provide a progressive plan to help those who use the gym but feel stuck in a rut or even those who fear the weights section in the gym. Groups are limited to a small number so everybody gets a good practice and attention throughout the session. 

To book your space or find out more email us - info@balanceforlife.co.uk or call 07532168273

get fit - lose weight - be healthy - feel great!