Wanted - Christmas Tree

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Wanted - Christmas Tree

Tomorrow is 1st December, a bit early to put the tree up, but we are going back to Ireland for Christmas so want to get the tree up early to have the enjoyment of it.

Where do people round here usually go for their trees?

Re: Wanted - Christmas Tree

They do seem to move about, so if you know of anyone in these locations do check with them:

- you can order them via The Flower Lady

- Dulwich Pot Shop

- Croxted Rd Gdn Centre

- outside Hootananny

- sometimes Tulse HIll junction - but might be too early

Ireland sounds good for Christmas.

Re: Wanted - Christmas Tree

Well Lizzy,

My mum & dad, sister and in-laws are over in Belfast so that's the main attraction. I'd be happy anywhere for Christmas with the family.

I got the tree in West Norwood. The last right before the road splits in two, there's a yard there selling them. £50 for a 7' tree. Expensive but, from my investigations, no more than the going rate.

Alleyn garden centre was £110 for an 8'6" one. No thanks Gordon Banks!

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