VAT Market 14th May 1-4pm

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VAT Market 14th May 1-4pm

Vintage, Arts and Treasures Market will be holding its third Event on 14th May 2011.
The VAT market will be selling arts, crafts and nearly new items.
The Market will be held 1-4pm in the car park of Clapham Park Project 1-4 Brixton Hill Place SW2 1HJ
If you would like to have a stall please contact Erica 07950637695 or email
for booking forms

Forms also available on

All are welcome to attend this event.

We hope this market will enable community groups to raise funds and Time Bank Credits will be used as part payment for stalls

The Clapham Park Project Car Park will come alive with a Vintage, Arts and Treasures Market on Saturday 14th May 2011.

So if you’re feeling the pinch even more so this year, beat the VAT increase and bag yourself a quality local bargain.

With the organisers making a concerted effort to ensure there are no duplicate stalls, the market will feature a selection of unique handmade crafts and one-of-a kind creations to fit every taste and budget. Shoppers will find original art, craft, homemade items, jewellery, toys and nearly new goods all at affordable prices.

The Market will also give shoppers a last minute opportunity to search for a unique gift for summer weddings. fater's day or a birthday.

Of the market, lead organiser and Timebank member Erica Tate said, ‘We wanted to provide an opportunity for artists and crafts people in the community to develop their entrepreneurial ship. Located where it is means that local shoppers  don’t need to go all the way down to Streatham and Brixton.’

It is hoped the Market will be successful enough to continue on a more regular basis, giving other locals the opportunity to buy and sell vintage, arts and treasures.

The Market, will take place from 1pm – 4pm on Saturday 14th May 2011 in the car park of the Clapham Park Project, 1-4 Brixton Hill Place, London SW2 1HJ.