Teaching IT to anyone, anywhere

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Teaching IT to anyone, anywhere

Hi, my name is Robert and I thought this would be a good place to get some general feedback and find out if anyone was interested in one to one IT Tuition in the area.

I've previously helped to tutor people in basic IT skills and in specific areas of computing that they wanted to feel more confident in.  I'm now thinking about extending this in Herne Hill and surrounding areas for anyone that wishes to improve their IT skills, whether that's:

  • MSOffice (Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook, Access)
  • Creating Home networks
  • Designing websites
  • Fixing or building your own pc
  • Using the internet 

I know there are many specifics within those areas and lots of other things that people are interested in learning, and I'm more than willing to sit down and discuss this with anyone that this appeals to :)

So if you or someone else you know would be interested in having one to one tutoring about anything at all to do with computers please contact me:

email: ki.li@hotmail.co.uk 

phone: 07505991224

or send me a private message on here.