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Youth open mic tots up four hundred and fifty acts

JOM Junior Open Mic, the Herne Hill community organisation for free youth music, is due to surpass 450 acts on Instagram LIVE at the next youth open mic session at 7pm on Saturday 6th February 2021. Organiser Andy Gray says “Since starting sessions in the Summer of 2017 we've carried out 21 junior open mics at Off The Cuff Music Bar, 8 Beyond The Living Room private sessions, 2 festivals in Brockwell Park, one Feast Festival in West Norwood, two Herne Hill Music Concerts and 10 online open mics.”

Seeking new, young musical performers for Sat 12th September

JOM is a community group, that organises free events for young people to perform. Since Covid we offer free online junior open mic sessions every month using Instagram LIVE. First-time performers are especially welcome. The format is non-competitive and aims to instill confidence by ensuring every performer feels as special as possible. JOM was started 4 years ago by Herne Hill primary school parents and has seen 300+ young performers aged between 4 and 17 take part in JOM events.

Herne Hill becomes centre of UK for young musicians this September

Within a 2 mile radius of Herne Hill Station are 4 independent Junior Open Mics - including the largest and second largest in the UK. Pretty handy for aspiring young musicians when you consider there are merely a handful in the country.

On 15th September, Junior Open Mic’ers from all over South London will gather to perform at JOM Micro Music Festival II in Brockwell Park. Thirty-two acts (totalling fifty-two young artists) performing one song each plus two guest acts - one of which is already signed with Rough Trade Records. The average performer age is 12.

Festival seeks local young musician or band to join 29 act musical line-up

JOM Micro Music Festival in Brockwell Park this autumn is seeking a young musician or band to join a line-up of 29 young musical acts. The festival is a celebration of young musicians from open mic events and youth music organisations.

Festival organiser Andy Gray from JOM says, “We are looking for someone (or group) brave enough to get up on stage and present themselves to an audience of 500 and perform 1 song. They do not have to be experienced as the line-up is about showcasing a variety of performances – they just have to be between 4 and 17 years old.”

Experience performing on a live music stage in private

JOM is offering youngsters the opportunity to experience performing on a sound stage in complete privacy or with just close family present – for free! If your child is musically minded or likes to put on a shows for the family from behind the sofa then this is a great next step. Acoustics are on a par with television shows like The Voice and X-Factor and the vibe is friendly.

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