wild + lees

June at The Parlour

We're celebrating our 2nd birthday at The Parlour with a special pop up supper club on Thursday 8 June. Enjoy a 3 course dinner with wine pairings from local wine buffs, Wild + Lees. Book your table via our website (theparlourhernehill.co.uk) or give us a call on 02086710759. What better way to celebrate or forget about the General Election than good food, good wine and good company! Dinner starts at 8pm so there's even time to vote on your way over!

Small Businesses Under Attack! Wild + Lees business rates up 700%

For the uninitiated (you don't know how lucky you are!), business rates are basically council tax for businesses. So, a shop or office will pay the local authority a monthly amount, calculated on the size and assumed value of their business space, in return for services provided by the local authority. There has always been controversy around business rates. For instance, large online retailers like Amazon pay very little as their properties are mostly large warehouses rather than them having a physical presence on the high street.

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