Street piano

Joe Wilkes backs Street Piano Academy fundraiser - just a few days left!

After his performance last week supporting Leon Rosselson at Off The Cuff for Herne Hill Music Festival, singer/songwriter Joe Wilkes discovered the replacement Herne Hill Piano and now backs the Street Piano Academy fundraiser! It's in funding target stretch mode, with just a few days left … a good thing as this means we are able to keep all the money raised.

A plea from the Herne Hill Piano

Our much loved street piano is retiring very soon.  In words from the piano, 'I've entertained you, kept the children busy, made you feel safe, brought the square to life, opened my arms to everyone, but now, I'm shattered.'  Sadly the piano is beyond repair so it's days are truly limited.  We need your help to fund a replacement piano and its maintenance.  

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