The Bike Project: Getting Refugees Cycling!

During this week, Article 50 week, it is worth noting the good work of the The Bike Project. Its MO is simple: “We take second-hand bikes, fix them up, and donate them to refugees and asylum seekers." Some of the bikes that the project receives go on to be sold through the project's Bike Shop, which ensures the charity's long term sustainability.

Herne Hill Square Collection for Calais Refugees, Sept 6, 2015

Herne Hill Square saw an incredible turnout with goods donated for the refugees in Calais on Sunday Sept 6th. Some of us still feel like we're sorting, boxing, bagging and labeling! But it was nice to have the Festival and Forum bandstand music on earlier and the operation was cleared before 6pm. The Cal-Aid vans are probably coming to collect on Thursday, so in the meantime, everything is being stored in the arches with preventative measures taken for food to ensure the rodents don't have a feast beforehand!

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