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Looking for an expecting mother volunteer due between Oct - Nov 2018!

The joy of a humanist naming ceremony

When you’d like to create an intensely personal and informal, yet meaningful, ritual to name your child, a humanist naming ceremony might well be the answer. Herne Hill’s humanist minister, Mark Hayford, explains.

ALL MUMS ! Struggling to fit in hair appointment around child care ? We can help!

Struggling to fit in hair appointment around child care ? Well, we like to think that you can bring your little ones ! We are providing Monday - Thursday "Baby corner" where we have Play Pen, Play Gym, Jumperoo and some toys to keep your little ones entertained. All while you are relaxing having your hair done ! All you need to do is let us know at the time of booking that you are bringing your little one with you and leave the rest for us to worry about !

Mummytime pamper events ‘popping up’ near you - just in time for Mother's Day

Your baby is a few months old. You haven’t had more than a few hours sleep at a time since they arrived. You look tired. You are tired. You’re desperate for some rest and relaxation. But how do you get it when you are caring for a baby full time? Anyone who has had children will know this feeling.

Finding out first-hand how difficult it is for new mums to access wellbeing therapies, new mums Galina and Lucy from South London decided to set up Mummytime Ltd – a series of pop up events providing me-time for mums.

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