Carnegie Pop Up Library & Consultation

Lambeth Council and GLL are holding an exhibition about their plans for the Carnegie Library, at St Saviour's Church on Herne Hill Rd, Tuesday 21st June 2pm-8pm & Wednesday 22nd June 11am-6pm.

The local community have not been invited to participate in preparations.

Members of the local community will be operating a Pop Up Carnegie Library in Ruskin Park during the exhibition.

Please come and visit us

Jeffrey Doorn on the upcoming Carnegie "exhibition"

We caught up with Jeffrey Doorn of Friends of Carnegie Library at the 2016 Ruskin Park Summer Fair on June 18th where the Friends also ran a stall. Jeff talks about what is happening with respect to Lambeth's Carnegie Library "exhibition" at St Saviours Hall on Herne Hill Road (at Finsen, near the Carnegie) this week when plans for the library will be shown, and what the Friends will be up to. Friends of Carnegie are still campaigning to claw back the library and hope people will question, not just accept plans.

Do GLL even have a plan for Carnegie Library?

When Lambeth closed our library, in April, they handed it over to GLL to develop. Despite promises from Councillor Jim Dickson that "any time required for the closure of the library for improvements\changes to the building will be kept to a minimum", the building is now sitting idle. Even though it costs Lambeth more to keep it closed than to have it open.

If, like me, you want to know how Lambeth justifies this, you could try asking one of our councillors.

Jim Dickson's email is:

Reprieve for Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, one of the most accessible multi-sports venues in the UK, has had the threat of losing its iconic stadium and a host of other existing facilities lifted - at least for now.

Local sprinters flood Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, one of the most iconic sporting venues in Europe, may be facing an uncertain future, but local athletes are proving there is still massive demand for an albeit dilapidated facility.

Sprinters by the dozen flooded into the indoor running track last week (Wednesday 13th) to attend the second of two open meetings organised by the National Sports Centre’s host operators Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL). The event was so popular it ran past 10pm, despite freezing conditions outside that would normally deter the hardiest of athletes!

Carnegie Library Oct 12th Final Decision Meeting Venue Change

U P D A T E - The Lambeth Cabinet meeting with respect to the Carnegie Library change of use FINAL APPROVAL decision on Monday evening, October 12th at 6:30pm, is now happening at the Dunraven School​ 94/98 Leigham Court Road, Streatham SW16 2QB. This is a change from the Karibu Education Centre, 7 Gresham Road, Brixton SW9 7P​.

One year on and the future of Crystal Palace National Sports Centre is still in limbo

The long term future of the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (CPNSC) still remains in doubt one year on from the start of the Greater London Authority (GLA) public consultation, aimed at shaping its future.

Weeks left to act against dramatic Greater London Authority plans for the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

One of the most iconic sporting venues in the UK, could be only weeks away from having the indoor athletics track, 25m family swimming pool, and main stadium demolished.

Much of Crystal Palace National Sports Centre (CPNSC) as we have always known it will be razed to the ground if the shortlisted options from the recently published Greater London Authority (GLA) CPNSC Development Options Appraisal Final Report 2015 are executed, claim the Crystal Palace Sports Partnership (CPSP).

Indoor/outdoor athletic track audit shows huge demand at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

Indoor/outdoor athletic track audit shows huge demand at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre

As British track and field athletes prepare for the first meets of the season this weekend (April 18th), the long-term future of athletes based in South London continues to remain in doubt. 

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