Whippersnappers Fairyland 2016

Whippersnappers Fairyland back for enchanting 2nd year

Book a magical day out in Dulwich for your children

June 5 2016, East Dulwich, London:  Now in its second year, the magical Whippersnappers Fairyland Experience is booking for an extended 9-day run at the beginning of the summer holidays, following rave reviews from the 2015 Experience.  Book here http://whippersnappersfairyland.co.uk.

Whippersnappers Half Term Playscheme

Whippersnappers October Half Term

Whippersnappers Fairyland 2015

Whippersnappers Fairyland 2015

Children’s Acrobatic and Capoeira classes in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido

Acrobatics Classes are led by The Mighty Wanderer Acrobat with Cate Mason and they take place after school on Tuesdays in Whippersnappers at Brockwell Lido. Classes are suitable for 5–13 year olds and are spilt into Beginners, Intermediate and Advance Levels. To register your child please ring 0207 738 66 33. Capoeira Classes (Brazilian Martial Arts) are led by Fabio Gomes and assisted by Annaliese Garratt. Suitable for 5-11 year olds. Also ring 0207 738 66 33 to book a place/get more info about next course

New meditation classes at Brockwell Lido Thurs 7-8pm

It has been a long, long time since the Lido complex has offered a straight meditation session ... let alone an affordable one. I'd peg that back to Western Order "dana" (generosity) bowl Buddhist meditation in the days BEFORE the Lido refurb. The kind of participatory session where people paid what they could and if they couldn't, brought in biscuits for the halftime tea break ... and if they couldn't do that, helped set up and serve the tea from the huge electric tea pot and helped clear off cushions. Meditation is finally back at the Lido and affordable and happening Thursday evenings 7-8 in Whippersnappers. This session isn't run like those in long-gone Western Order days but has a similar kind of vibe, thanks to Dan Levitas who leads it. The Whippersnappers space exudes calm with controlled lighting. Dan takes everyone through instruction - equal measures of science and ritual - before setting off to sea. And at the end he's almost too embarrassed to remind people "it's a fiver, so I can pay for the space." Reinvent your Thursday nights down the Lido! Questions? Ring Dan on 07944 812 943


Reminder Lido User Forum tmrw 28th 10am-12pm; Lido disabled parking misuse continues

Wahey! Not one, not two or three, but all four disabled parking bays in the Brockwell Lido car park taken up by unbadged vehicles recently, and all at the same time! Witnessed one of the drivers pull up, take a bike out, and then pedal off into the park. Before she did, this very brief conversation took place:


WE: "These bays are for disabled users"

SHE: "So?"

WE: "Noticed you're not displaying a blue badge."

SHE: "I have one"

WE: "You need to display it if you have one or not park here"

SHE: "Sod off" (at which point she cycles off)


Come one, come all to the BLU Forum, the Lido AGM for everyone - this Sat. Sept 28th!

Not to be missed. The big one. The BLU Forum! Whether you're a regular or casual user, or someone who's never been to the Lido!

Carer art show continues today, each Sunday in March

The art show about caring by carers continues this Sunday at Whippersnappers, College Lodge, Dulwich Park (SE21 7BQ)m 10am-6pm. Nice turnout for the opening last Sunday.  Hung right around the lodge are paintings, chiefly by Wendy Sullivan, a former Brixton Open winner and a decade-long carer for her partner. Wendy's also a poet and a number of her poems are on show, plus a video interview with her done by artist Jenny Jones. Installation sculptress Angela Wright's beautifully entwined 'Leafball' should be taking shape just outside the Lodge, and continue to do so throughout the month-long exhibition - unless it is moved elsewhere by Park officials. Collages by Whippersnappers groups also on show. The Lodge is open for show visitors mainly on Sundays.


Wendy and 'Feeling the Journey' were part of The Caring Tent in Herne Hill Market a week ago last Sunday, also assisted by Lucy from Herne Hill's Warm & Well. It was so cold on the day that carers on the tent shared out shots of brandy to keep stall visitors warmed up! Traders too. Lamont’e of Bling Ya Bike turned out to be a good mate of Wendy's and Aimee the sheep made an appearance!

'Feeling the Journey' carer art show opens March 6th, in HH Market this Sunday 24th


Caring for others is hard work anytime - but caring for the infirm, disabled or elderly is even harder. These carers are 'Everyday Heroes' who go about their business almost invisibly and are always exhausted since caring is usually full time work and unremunerated. Carers end up juggling jobs with caring duties - often at the cost of sleep! These days there's even less support, funding or respite in place to help take the pressure off. Caring really changes carers in the process.


To raise awareness of the very important role carers play in our community and to celebrate their efforts, Sarah Slee is putting on 'Feeling The Journey', an exhibition of works by artists who are or have been carers and have also been changed by the experience. The show will happen at the Whippersnappers Community Arts Centre situated in College Lodge (Dulwich Park) with an opening set for Sunday, March 3rd, from 2-6pm. It will happen mainly on Sundays every weekend until March 30th.



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