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Herne Hill tai chi for beginners

Beginners Tai Chi class in Herne Hill
198 Gallery, Railton Road
Every Tuesday 7pm til 8:30pm
£15 drop in

Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Gung for health, fitness, meditation and self defence.

Everyone welcome.

Contact Pete Blake for more info on 07858 503849

New Chi Kung and Tai Chi group at Herne Hill Methodist Hall in January

Ideas for the New Year! William Walker is starting a Chi Kung and Tai Chi group at Herne Hill Methodist Hall in Half Moon Lane on Tuesday evenings between 7-8pm from the 10th January. All welcome.

Get more details on 079105 49371 or http://www.standing-still.co.uk

HERNE HILL TAI CHI CLUB, Tuesdays at St Paul's, Herne Hill


7pm Tuesdays

St Pauls Church Hall

Herne Hill SE24 9LY


12 class term £90.00


Come along next Tuesday and give one a go. For free! Friendly group! Tai Chi can help to get you balanced, centred and relaxed. Rupert Ingham, the class teacher, has studied with some of the most knowledgeable people in this field. It's a Yang-style 楊氏 Tai Chi Chüan class from 7 till 8:30pm.


There are six major styles of Tai Chi, the Yang-family school is one of them. It focuses most closely on Yáng Chéngfǔ's (1900) thirteen classic tai chi 'Fixed Postures'. Yáng Chéngfǔ removed many of the more acrobatic movements which his grandfather and Yang school founder Yang Lu-chan incorporated.


Local Instructor Launches Yoga Nidra CD and Website

A local tai chi teacher and yoga instructor has just released a Yoga Nidra CD on his own website, which he has also recently launched with the help of RBM Design, a locally-based and grassroots design concern.


Rupert Ingham, who teaches tai chi at St Paul's Church in Herne Hill once a week and also works with yoga students on a one to one basis in the local area, decided to release the CD to help people relax and become more successful decision-makers in the process. For many people, today's increasingly frantic, stress-related lifestyles can lead to debilitating anxiety, depression and confusion, with immune systems compromised in the bargain.


Ingham's CD (and classes) hinge on two principles at the heart of yogic concentration - mindfulness and relaxation. According to Ingham, "Mindfulness is the art of gently focussing one's mind and concentrating one's awareness. Deep relaxation is the art of arriving in the state of deepest possible rest. The CD is designed, through its series of meditation exercises, to help students achieve this."


Brockwell Lido Centre free open weekend - includes pool, studio classes, gym and spa

Brockwell Lido is holding a free open weekend to mark the start of its 2011 swimming season on April 2 and 3rd from the hours of 9am - 4pm. Swimming will be free to all comers, and there will also be a range of free poolside activities and taster classes in the studios. Gym and spa admission will also be included free of charge. See comments in BLGSUF in Campaigns on the forum for more information about classes available to sample on Sunday. Fusion hasn't decided on free classes for Sunday as yet, so we'll have to inform you when we have something.


Free classes on Saturday are all 1 hour and include:


PT Cycle from 10-11 am

Hatha Yoga from 2:30-3:30 pm

Tai Chi from 3pm

Bridal Circuit from 3pm


Call Fusion at Brockwell Lido to confirm times and places, also to find out what will be on offer on Sunday if we haven't managed to post anything further: 0207 274 3088

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