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Children's Halloween Event!

The traders in Station Square and the Herne Hill forum are putting on a Halloween event for kids on Wed 31st October. Once the little darlings have drained the good householders of Herne Hill dry of sweets, herd them up to where the Sunday market is - the road will be closed and all sorts of weird and wonderful things will be happening...


Petition to Save The Flower Lady

A petition has been initiated to help save Elaine Partleton’s florist shop, The Flower Lady. Despite its existence next to Herne Hill station for over 10 years, landlord Network Rail wants it to make way for an electricity sub-station to power the arches that it has refurbished at the “Station Square” end of Railton Road. According to the Brixton Blog, Elaine was “offered a shop some distance from the station and at a rent forecast to be double what she pays currently.”

Station Square arches update from Network Rail

Station Square shops boarded up

A statement from Network Rail:

Railton Road Update

January 2017

We are pleased that we have been able to make progress on this scheme since taking possession of the final unit.

We want to adopt your piano!

Do you have an unwanted piano that you no longer have room for - and would like it to have a good home?

Tell Us! We have a great home for it - in Clapham Junction Station! It just needs to be in reasonable condition - it does not matter if it is not in tune we will tune it and refurbish it - with bright colours like the one in Herne Hill.

We will film its arrival at the station as part of our documentary film Instrument of Change: Street Piano.

See the trailer here 

New bike rack installed in Station Square



Today saw the installation of the new bike rack in Station Square. It is providing much needed cycle parking and also to act as a simple traffic calming effect. It will restric vehicles being able to enter Station Square at speed, encouraing them to slow down before entering. Passers by who saw the bike rack for the first time commented that it was a great idea, looked really good and anything that could calm the traffic enterng thge area was a good thing.


Many thanks to Richard Ambler and his team at Lambeth Council for helping make this happen.


Piano Picnic

Station Square - feedback wanted

We would really appreciate a couple of minutes of your time to help us get feedback for our review of how the Sunday market is operating, how Station Square is being used and your general ideas about the future of the space.


It is only three questions long so is quite simple and quick to complete.


We will be collating the responses for our review taking place at the end of January.


So, if you have a few minutes free - give some feedback here


Many thanks



Herne Hill Forum team.

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