Stabbing in Herne Hill - witnesses wanted

Sunday evening, 24th June at around 23:15-23:30 some fights took place for less than one minute accompanied by shouting in Pynnersmead off Herne Hill. It was near the Sainsbury's local store.


The local residents tried to fight off what appeared to be some young males trying to possibly steal a motorbike. This resulted in one 'local' boy being stabbed. The car, a black sports car, that contained apparently 3 males and most certainly the aggressor then drove off through Gubyon avenue towards Milkwood road. Hopefully the car plates will be detected by someone or a camera on either Woodquest av., Shardcroft av. Fawnbrake av. or Milkwood road. My guess is that they were driving towards Loughborough Junction.


A fourth boy seemed to have been involved in the fight and was on a bike. From what I understood he left his bike behind.


I also saw a pitbull running on Herne Hill (maybe unrelated).


Police came within 5 minutes and took testimonies from participants and witnesses.

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