Help keep the Lido Spa a smartphone-free zone!





There is a time and place for everything. So we're asking you to help us keep the Lido Spa a mobile (esp smartphone) free zone. Where better than to post this than on social media!?



Phone use has slowly but surely crept into the spa during the past 6-12 months - precedent has already been set. This week we've had two users take phones into the sauna at the same time despite protest by others using the same space. One removed himself with his phone, the other refused citing self-employment needs. We've had people take them into the therapy pool in plastic bags. Today no less than three people were having extended conversations at the same time on loungers. And it seems to work a bit like contagion: one person either makes or takes a call or begins texting, which reminds someone else about their phone - so they get theirs out which ripples to a third and so on.



Brockwell Lido Spa Report! Jan 5th

Spa Report for last night JAN 5th: All up and running hot - sauna at 90, steam healthy, hydrotherapy pool on usual jet rotations and still missing the floor jet. Also all deck showers are operating again! So all good except for the few who always manage to come along and eat in the loungers leaving their rubbish, and some exfoliating out in the open, leaving debris in water pools by the loungers! We managed to get the eater to stop by notifying staff - and it was cleaned up soon after.

SPA REPORT (at the Lido)! for Dec 28th

SPA REPORT! All working although two of the hydrotherapy pool's key underwater jets (the big floor jet and the bubble beds) remain out of order. But the water was hot yesterday, so if you're looking for a good warmup, bring a book and camp out! Otherwise sauna at 80 and steam OK. Don't forget the premises will close at 8pm tonight Friday night ... shortened hours this week anyway, but earlier Friday closing constitutes the new routine maintenance hours recently established and which will carry forward into the new year.

Lido Spa Report 17th Dec (eve), early spa closing, Xmas hours, gym news


It has been a good week in the Lido spa, with most facilities up and running most of the time - with the possible exception of the hydrotherapy pool which, while hot, sometimes hasn't had all jets firing during underwater and overhead jet rotation. But everything was back back online last night. Sauna's been a bit cool at around 78 to 82 as a matter of course, but the steam room is working well again. Elsewhere still waiting on the showers in the men's changing to be sorted - repair date has been set for the 21 Dec, which has meant nearly a month's wait so far. Not usually a problem unless everyone's trying to take a shower at once - such as at closing.


Brockwell Lido Spa Report! 13th Nov

SPA REPORT! And the good news is ... the hydrotherapy pool's back up and running! Note that the functions alternate in 20 minute cycles: the overheads run for 20 mins, then cut off, whereupon all the other jets get started. Steam was going well, but alas you can't have everything ... the sauna was a cool 76, possibly due to the door not closing properly.

Lido Spa equipment faults over the weekend, upcoming repairs

Lately it has been a good idea to first ring Fusion at the Lido (020 7274 3088) before turning up for a spa session, as there's been a spate of equipment faults. You might want to carry on doing that. On Sunday both the steam room and hydrotherapy pool were on the blink, much to the dismay of everyone packed into the sauna.


The steam room was supposed to have been sorted yesterday. The hydrotherapy pool will probably continue to be intermittent until larger issues are addressed: Fusion plans to shut and overhaul the hydropool between 1st November – 9th November. The following works were announced at the Lido Users AGM, and are meant to be completed by the 9th November:

• The filter media will be changed and the filter is to be refurbished, including changing the media to Zeoclere which requires less water to backwash.

Brockwell Lido Spa Report! up to & including March 20th

OK, so this is getting a bit boring, but just to inform you that as of last night, the Lido spa's steam room remained out of order. This was announced by display in reception. What was not announced is that the hydropool was also down and no one could be found to explain why. Consequently the sauna was packed out. Lately it seems one thing or another is out of order in the spa and on a continuing basis, so it would probably be worth your while to ring Brockwell Lido first (020 7274 3088) before coming along if you're only after a spa session ... or first poke your head inside the spa area to see what's functioning if coming in from the gym.

Lido Spa Report for Sat. March 17th

BROCKWELL LIDO SPA REPORT! for March 17th. Sorry to report that the streamroom is out of order and will remain so all weekend. Engineers can't get in for a repair before Monday. Sauna working as normal topping at around 90, hydropool OK. Spa deck showers - several remain out of order. Ferry, Lido Ops Manager, says this is an "ongoing matter" due to need for new parts. There is no clear dateline for completion, although hopefully this can be sorted within a month.


There will be an important meeting at the Lido led by facility manager Clare Motton tomorrow evening re planned refurb of the gym and spa areas. This may also involve gym gear replacement. If you care about the gym or spa or both, we hope you can attend. Among topics to be discussed will be the refurb plans Fusion has put forward and these include two alternative floor layouts which have been posted up at the Lido as drawings. See below for the proposal from Clare Motton as well as the drawings. Possibly also to be discussed will be the sort of comments Fusion received in time for their 8th January email/public consultation via Tara Harris which the proposal doc refers to. So if you didn't get your comments in on time, you may well still have a chance to speak up.


See you there! Sorry for the early-ish hour but hoping for a strong turnout all the same.

Lido Open Weekend continues today, Sunday April 3rd!

Lido Open Weekend continues today, Sunday April 3rd!


Free swimming, classes, gym and spa (yes, refurbishment is complete!) from 10-4. We were originally told 9-4 by Fusion staffers, this is now from 10.


Good day yesterday, a fair few new people took part and some new signups.


Lots of poolside activities on tap, check the boards when you come in!



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