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Southwark News investigation into CoolTan collapse seeks news/opinion

Just last week BBC Radio 4 completed its 3 part series 'The Charity Business', which examines how charities work, asks what they're for and how accountability can be improved to assist an better cost/benefit equation ( 

Save Umana Yana! Let's get Southwark listening - sign the petition!

Will Southwark Council move the mass of mobile phone exchange boxes on 294 Croxted Road blocking Umana Yana from view of passing trade? We’ve written about this on The Forum before.

Small Businesses Under Attack! Wild + Lees business rates up 700%

For the uninitiated (you don't know how lucky you are!), business rates are basically council tax for businesses. So, a shop or office will pay the local authority a monthly amount, calculated on the size and assumed value of their business space, in return for services provided by the local authority. There has always been controversy around business rates. For instance, large online retailers like Amazon pay very little as their properties are mostly large warehouses rather than them having a physical presence on the high street.

Public meeting: Planning the future of the Bath Factory Estate - Wednesday 19th April

The Herne Hill Forum has asked Southwark Council planners to attend an open meeting with local residents and business owners to discuss the future of the Bath Factory Estate and their vision.

The meeting is on:

Wednesday 19 April
7pm start (6.30pm for tea and coffees) 
Herne Hill Baptist Church
Corner of Half Moon Lane and Winterbrook Road

Please join us and spread the word as we’d love to have as many attendees as possible to ensure the council engage with us all and hear our requirements.

‘Hidden’ Crystal Palace Subway breaks records

A short two minute film about the ‘secret’ Crystal Palace Subway, nestled beneath a busy South London road, has taken the internet by storm, leading to fresh hope that fundraising targets will be met to open up access to the Grade II listed site on a permanent basis.

Herne Hill Public Meeting 8 Oct - notes & actions

In case you missed our evening of rubbish, evictions and floods (sounds doom & gloom doesn't it?), we're sharing the notes and actions hhfpublicmeetingwithminutesactions_08102015_v01lr_0.pptx

Singing for Better Breathing in Lambeth/Southwark starts soon

‘Singing for Better Breathing’ is a new (research) health project in Southwark and Lambeth set to start in September. It aims to help groups of patients suffering from the incurable breathing disease Chronic Obstructive Breathing Disorder (COBD), which results in shortness of breath, in a holistic way, to manage their condition. Organisers also hope participants will leave the sessions happier as well as healthier. There will be three sessions a week, some in Lambeth and some in Southwark.

The Ingham 5 Live at Hooper's March 3rd - part of free Sinatra Tribute!

Less than a month ago, a lot of local people gathered at Southwark Council offices in Tooley Street for a music license review hearing. The hearing would decide the fate of Hooper's Bar (SE5 8DH) - a select number of neighbours had complained about noise from the pub on music nights and street drinking the rest of the time (it follows that if you smoke outside you drink out there too). Thankfully the music license was not revoked. A good thing too as the pub relies on event night trade to survive - but some adjustments were made to its timetable such as no drinking in Malfort Road after 9pm and no music after 11. Had the license been pulled we might be looking at nothing but flats on that corner in due course!


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