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Vacancy for a part time site officer position at Rosendale Allotments

Vacancy for a Part time Site Officer for Rosendale Allotments Association

Applications are invited for a second site officer to work for 12 hours a week, at the site on a variety  of tasks; including site and building maintenance, liaison with the committee, office holders and plot holders and undertaking  some administrative work.

Two part time positions available at Rosendale Allotments

Rosendale Allotments Association in Rosendale Road is seeking to fill two part time positions. Full details are available on its website:     under the heading : News

 Applications are invited for a Part time site officer to work for 12 hours a week, at the site on a variety of tasks; including site and building maintenance, liaising with the committee, admin assistant, plot holders and hirers of the Community building, and undertaking some administrative work.

Rosendale Allotments recruting for two new positions

Two interesting jobs: Rosendale Allotments Association in Lambeth is advertising two part time positions for a Community Education Worker and a Community Outreach Worker for an exciting BIG Lottery funded project based on the allotments.


Rosendale Allotments Association plans for a new resource building.

We have heard that Rosendale Allotments Association has withdrawn its application for planning permission for a meeting room, new stores and a toilet as a result of objections from some neighbours who live adjacent to the allotments.


A spokesperson for the Allotment Association , Rachel Sharp who is the chairperson of the building subcommittee, was asked why this had happened. She said that the association needed to withdraw the original application to take into account the concerns of neighbours who had submitted formal objections. ‘ We have a wonderful opportunity to improve the facilities of the allotment site as a result of the large grant we are optimistic that we can get to finance the project .


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