Restoration of the Brockwell Park clock-tower on-going

Work proceeds on restoration of the Brockwell Park clock-tower. Gillett & Johnston engineers removed the dials of the clock-tower last Thusday, 13 February. It's a beautifully made structure but, as you can see from the photographs, over the decades the weather has had a real effect. Read words and see pictures by Theresa Hoare @HerneHillSoc blog:

Half Moon Pub & Lane - August 11th status

The Half Moon have thanked everyone on social media for offers to help get the pub open soon but can't say when this might be for at least another 10 days. In great part because of the building's listed status - lots of consultants (incl English Heritage) need to come out and survey the damage in order to help decide the best way to dry out. Putting the building back together will depend on working out what needs replacing. Thames Water yesterday (10th) said from its Herne Hill Baptist Church HQ that it will take at least another week to clear off repairs in Half Moon Lane.


Status update on the Lido's two pools, Apr 26th

It's a tale of two pools at the Brockwell Lido. Outside, so far so good. Not many swimmers as yet (one report in the changing room this week put water temp at 14 degrees) but the pool is back in action and the Modern Movement is around the corner! Inside, however, no good. The hydrotherapy pool remains down with no restart in sight yet and exasperation all around. It was meant to have been fixed this week but is a long way from this as Fusion attempts to fashion a railing fix to what in essence is a hollow fibreglass vessel (with a lot of lovely blue tiles glued on top) have all failed so far. Perhaps it is time to get in experts from the shipyards - folks who deal with bolting things into fibreglass hulls! Next repair update due on April 28th.


Lido Spa Report for Sat. March 17th

BROCKWELL LIDO SPA REPORT! for March 17th. Sorry to report that the streamroom is out of order and will remain so all weekend. Engineers can't get in for a repair before Monday. Sauna working as normal topping at around 90, hydropool OK. Spa deck showers - several remain out of order. Ferry, Lido Ops Manager, says this is an "ongoing matter" due to need for new parts. There is no clear dateline for completion, although hopefully this can be sorted within a month.

First Lido dip April 1st a real possibility!

Fill up of the pool on March 18th for first dip April 1st looks promising now that the lane stripes have been painted on! Assuming this happens (TBC), first dip will be followed by full opening from Monday 2nd April.

Here's the Lido view as of late yesterday afternoon.

Lido pool painting advances - aim remains first dip on April 1st!

With consistently warmer weather, Lido pool painting progresses! You can see pool painting views below! Aim remains first dip on !st April ... and let's hope that's not an April Fool's joke!!

Newly Revised Brockwell Lido Pool Repair Schedule, Nov 29th

Poolworks at Brockwell Lido will be extended. It is now expected that the repairs to the Lido pool will continue through most of December with water refilling projected to happen on 27th December. The revised schedule is posted at the Lido.

 Timetable is approx as follows with some time allowances for inclement weather:


• Grit-blasting the remaining pool floor should last through Dec 1st

• Jet wash and dry through Dec 3rd

• Coating system application (excluding new concrete) through Dec 12th

• Prepare and paint concrete areas after cure through Dec 21st

• Paint cure period through Dec 26th


With some luck, refilling happens on the 27th and not too long after, a winter swim!


Pictured below: poolworks view from the Lido Cafe last (sunny) Sunday


Brockwell Lido Poolworks Update! 27th Nov.

The Lido's pool was meant to have finished repair on 6th December, but this will now take a fair bit longer. New Lido manager Clare Motton has revised the timetable. While gritblasting the pool base, the contractors H20 Servicing detected concrete had blown over a large section of the pool. This has meant need for additional works, which commenced on 22nd November. There is as yet no new updated schedule from H20 but Motton has has said that whatever happens, the poolworks will not interfere with the poolside Christmas Carols evening planned for December 19th.



Dr Bike Season Ending

You're probably all aware that there have been free bike check sessions in Brockwell Park every Wednesday just outside of the Lido, all summer long. These have been put on by Lambeth Sustainable Travel (LST) in Brockwell Park, Clapham Common South Side, Kings College Waterloo and West Norwood. Sadly, even though the weather seems to have perked up again, there are no more scheduled for Brockwell Park this year. Unless the one LST member who gave it a go last winter decides to brave it again, which is unlikely. If it happens we'll try to let you know. But the good news is that there is one more bike check session scheduled in two days' time, on Sept 28th, at Streatham Common South Side. Which is within reach! Get one in while you can! For more info see LST's FB at:


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