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Dear Herne Hill folk,

Mummytime pamper events ‘popping up’ near you - just in time for Mother's Day

Your baby is a few months old. You haven’t had more than a few hours sleep at a time since they arrived. You look tired. You are tired. You’re desperate for some rest and relaxation. But how do you get it when you are caring for a baby full time? Anyone who has had children will know this feeling.

Finding out first-hand how difficult it is for new mums to access wellbeing therapies, new mums Galina and Lucy from South London decided to set up Mummytime Ltd – a series of pop up events providing me-time for mums.

Brockwell Park Explored

Come along and see Brockwell Park in a whole new light with Dance Umbrella's Walking Stories in October.  

You don't come to see Walking Stories, you and 20 other participants create Walking Stories.   It's very straightforward.  Simply follow the instructions on your headset, wander around Brockwell Park creating patterns as you go, and lose yourself in the music and the words.  During the course of the next hour you will be inspired, exhilarated and soothed.  It gives you an hour to completely zone out of daily life.  

Help keep the Lido Spa a smartphone-free zone!





There is a time and place for everything. So we're asking you to help us keep the Lido Spa a mobile (esp smartphone) free zone. Where better than to post this than on social media!?



Phone use has slowly but surely crept into the spa during the past 6-12 months - precedent has already been set. This week we've had two users take phones into the sauna at the same time despite protest by others using the same space. One removed himself with his phone, the other refused citing self-employment needs. We've had people take them into the therapy pool in plastic bags. Today no less than three people were having extended conversations at the same time on loungers. And it seems to work a bit like contagion: one person either makes or takes a call or begins texting, which reminds someone else about their phone - so they get theirs out which ripples to a third and so on.



Free yoga class for carers at the Lido May 23rd & discuss SEN Green Paper after

Don't forget that the second in a series of relaxation classes for carers of disabled children and young adults is happening at Brockwell Lido on Monday May 23rd from 11am - 12:30pm. This second class on May 23rd will feature 'Introduction to Yoga' and will focus on Hatha Yoga.


 If you're interested in these free sessions or know someone who could use some respite, ring Contact A Family Lambeth on 020 7326 5270 to hold a place, or you can do so by speaking to Lido staff on 020 7274 3088. Alternatively you can contact CAF Lido project leader Kate Burman by email:


After the yoga session parents can discuss their response to the SEN Green Paper. This Green Paper could mean the biggest reform in the education and health support for children with special educational needs (SEN) and disabilities in 30 years! Opponents say there has not been sufficient consultation!


Free Relaxation Classes for Carers


"Great compassion penetrates into the marrow of the bone." -- Nagarjuna



Are you a carer in the community of a child or young adult and feel overburdened and overwhelmed?


Two charities, in association with Fusion, are offering three free relaxation classes for carers of children and young adults. These will happen at Brockwell Lido on Monday May 9th, Monday May 23rd, and Monday June 6th. Every class is on from 11am - 12:30pm. The sessions are designed as respite for people who care for children or young adults who are frail or ill, or have a physical, mental health or learning disability, and do so without receiving financial compensation. The sessions will be about helping people learn some wonderful survival skills.


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