We recycle everything else - why not trees?

Herne Hill is a lovely, leafy neighbourhood, with thousands of beautiful trees in its parks, streets and gardens.

It's always sad when one of these much-loved specimens has to come down, but sometimes there's no alternative. Trees that are damaged, dangerous or weakened by disease can be a genuine threat to homeowners and members of the public.

Losing a favourite tree is bad enough. But in almost every case another valuable resource is lost too - a tonne or more of timber.

Recycling becomes compulsory in Lambeth

This coming Monday 4th April, recycling in Lambeth will become compulsory. Here's what Lambeth have to say about the move.


"We are making changes to our recycling and refuse services that come into effect on 4th April 2011. These changes are the result of a waste strategy that we have been developing over the last two years with your help. Our aim is to help change behaviour, increase recycling, reduce the amount of waste that is produced and reduce the growing costs of waste collection and disposal."


Everyone will be asked to do their bit on recycling to save costs and keep the borough clean and green.


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