The Prince Regent

The Cambria choir moves to the Prince Regent - join us!

For almost 8 years Herne Hill's community choir, the Cambria Choir has been rehearsing every Monday night at the pub of the same name near Loughborough Junction. 

But from September, we are very excited to say, we will be rehearsing in the more central location of the Prince Regent. 

Folk & Original Voices Night at The Prince Regent - tonight, 8pm

Countdown to the Herne Hill Music Festival - starts Friday!

We've begun the countdown to the Herne Hill Music Festival! It all kicks off this Friday, October 11th with Blues & Gypsy Jazz Night at The Prince Regent featuring Alan Glen and Steve Morrison! It's going to be a 9 day festival of classical, jazz, folk and other "lighter" music ... which, according to HHMF founder Alan Taylor, basically means it isn't a rock/pop fest. But there's loads on for every preference and across a range of easily accessible venues - folk legend Wizz Jones at The Prince Regent (last year we featured a jazz legend, Stan Tracey), a Mozart opera at Methodist Hall, a Choral Evensong + other free events, Family Concerts, jazz gigs at The Cambria, our Composition Competition (as close to classical X-Factor as you're going to get!) and a Baroque Ball at St Faith's to close the Fest on October 19th. If you haven't had a flyer through the letterbox, you can usually pick one up at Brockwell Lido, or check out Festival listings online:

Herne Hill Music Festival flyer coming through your door! Fest begins 11th Oct

If you haven't had your Festival flyer through the door yet, our army of volunteers is still working all local areas. But if you can't wait to see it and don't want to go to the festival website, we've scanned the paper flyer and posted it up on the Festival's Facebook page! Go to:

Click right to get to the overleaf!

And just to remind you, you can get performance and ticket info from:

The Festival begins 11th October with Stan Tracey at Jazz On The Hill

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