Help keep the Lido Spa a smartphone-free zone!





There is a time and place for everything. So we're asking you to help us keep the Lido Spa a mobile (esp smartphone) free zone. Where better than to post this than on social media!?



Phone use has slowly but surely crept into the spa during the past 6-12 months - precedent has already been set. This week we've had two users take phones into the sauna at the same time despite protest by others using the same space. One removed himself with his phone, the other refused citing self-employment needs. We've had people take them into the therapy pool in plastic bags. Today no less than three people were having extended conversations at the same time on loungers. And it seems to work a bit like contagion: one person either makes or takes a call or begins texting, which reminds someone else about their phone - so they get theirs out which ripples to a third and so on.



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