Herne Hill Music Festival seeks last minute leafleting help!

Can you help the Herne Hill Music Festival with some programme delivery? Volunteers have been busy getting thousands of Festival programmes into letterboxes across a wide area ahead of the Festival's October 9th start date. But they still need a bit more help closer to home to get across the finish line in time! Specifically there are three rounds of approx 500 each in (1) Ferndene/Deepdene Roads in Herne Hill, (2) the Loughborough Junction area, and (3) the Bellenden/Coplestone Roads area of Peckham. These can be split if required.

Literary Kitchen Festival 2015 launches Kickstarter campaign

Last year you helped us launch and run the very first Literary Kitchen Festival. It was a huge success, hosting 31 events, and showcasing over 100 writers, artists, performers, indy publishers, agents and even a dog! It’s 2015 and we’re back! This year will see over 170 participants perform in 19 venues across one week, 12-18 October.

Peckham War Horse Project - photo re-enactment

A bit out of patch but a great story all the same! An iconic July 1915 street scene photo-postcard of horses being prepared for the WWI front line was re-enacted and photographed today (May 11th) in Lyndhurst Way, SE15. It all came together with help from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment and lots of locals tending to everything from costumes to free food.

Possibly next for Herne Hill Station's Square? Report on Peckham's latest Network Rail consultation

Following a previous session in November 2013, a further consultation was held on Sat. Jan 18th in Rye Lane Baptist Chapel to meet the community about latest redevelopment plans for a new 'Peckham Piazza' in the area around Peckham Rye Train Station organised by what appears to be a group composed of Network Rail, TfL, architects and local government with manifesto driven by "promotion of (the area) as a catalyst for regeneration and higher value rental returns from Network Rail assets." (PECKHAM RYE STATION: the case for change - Southwark 2011 doc). This in turn looks to be driven by Spacia 'arches' generation schemes elsewhere - i.e. Wooten Street, Waterloo, also Bishopsgate. What was expected to be a more limited development of a square in front of the station (and here we thought Peckham already had a square development in front of the library) now looks to include high rises, demolition of arches retail space for generic retail space at higher rents, and incalcuable construction time. Leaseholders would be protected with some kind of buyout, renting traders would have 3 months' notice.

London Contemporary Music Festival in Peckham Garage thru August 4th

The SLG (@SLG_artupdates) does well, but currently the best local cutting edge soundspace has to be @LCMFPeckham in collaboration with @BoldTendencies & @frankspeckham in the confines of Peckham's Multi Storey Car Park! Now beginning Week 2. What's on? See Something daily, from immersive opera (sit to eat & all around drama emerges), eclectic world premiere stagings (try a 20 min sung monologue based on a Strindberg short play!) to Music for Loudspeakers, celebrating the ultimate harbinger of the dislocation and re-embodiment of sound which swept through 20th century music and recalls 60s Steve Reich. In case you missed it, Glenn Branca was on the other night, clattering his edgy guitar leanings (NYC scene collaborator with likes of Sonic Youth) around the garage.

Melange Chocolate Shop chocolate-making workshops Nov-March

Melange Chocolate Shop & Cafe is based in Peckham and was created in 2008 by Isabelle, an artisan chocolatier from France. Besides making fantabulous chocolate and hot chocolate, she also runs special events and, soon, a chocolate museum in Brixton! She's got some chocolate making workshops coming up you might be interested in - places are still available - starting with one on November 24th. These run through March 2013. Have a look at the poster here for more schedule details ...


Melange Chocolate Shop & Cafe

184 Bellenden Road, Peckham,
London SE15 4BW - 07722 650 711



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