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After 3 months of collecting signatures on the doorsteps of the residents of Herne Hill, we were finally able to hand in the petition to Councillor Jack Hopkins who was representing Cllr Jim Dickson. Jim will be presenting the petition to the next council meeting at the end of July. Paul Johnson, Cllr Jack Hopkins, Barbara Dick

New CPZ in Herne Hill brings chaos to local residents



Kestrel Avenue - Thursday afternoon.



Shardroft Road - Thursday afternoon.



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon



Gubyon Avenue - Thursday afternoon


Thanks to Lambeth Council, a bad parking situation in Herne Hill is turning into a nightmare, for two streets in particular – Gubyon Avenue and Fawnbrake Avenue.  


Lambeth Park Ranger Service under the gun

Various agencies deal with the Lido carpark, which is regularly (ab)used by tradesmen, commuters & others - none of whom use the Lido. Disabled parking is abused. The Lambeth Park Ranger Service watched the carpark abuse terribly well, but at least did some work (see pic of tagged car). It faces elimination and this could worsen the parking situation. Petitions are circulating online to save it. If you have an opinion, now is the time to have your say.


See the campaign Facebook at:


Herne Hill zone 'N' Controlled Parking Zone Extension - consultation underway

The following link contains details of the consultation underway to extend the existing zone 'N' from Poplar Walk, Heron Rd. down to Herne Hill Station within the Lambeth boundary.  It has been posted to all residents/businesses in 14 streets.

The deadline for responses is : Friday 17 June 2011


---The design includes:

   ---Yellow line (no parking) restrictions around street corners

   ---Parking bays mostly for residents with some available for visitors / pay-and-display.


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