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Herne Hill Festival News - Last Day Sat Oct 20th - FREE SHOW & Half Moon


The Herne Hill Music Festival comes to a close tomorrow with a free show at the Michael Tippett School (Milkwood Road) from the Dulwich Symphony Orchestra from 1-1:30pm (with Lambeth Music Centre pupils) and then another tripleheader at the Half Moon - featuring Little Machine's EPIC! (The story of poetry from Homer to Hiphop with music, songs, pictures, commentary, recitations and cheap gags) 7:30pm - 8:40pm, Vivace Brass for a touch of classical from 9:00pm - 10:10pm, and then late night jazz with Renato D'Aiello from 10:30pm - 11:45pm



Herne Hill Music Festival News - Today Day 3, Oct 13th - all well underway!

Herne Hill Music Festival flyer coming through your door! Fest begins 11th Oct

If you haven't had your Festival flyer through the door yet, our army of volunteers is still working all local areas. But if you can't wait to see it and don't want to go to the festival website, we've scanned the paper flyer and posted it up on the Festival's Facebook page! Go to:


Click right to get to the overleaf!

And just to remind you, you can get performance and ticket info from: hernehillfestival.org

The Festival begins 11th October with Stan Tracey at Jazz On The Hill

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