A Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 from Dulwich Runners!

Our weekly training sessions are starting again from Wednesday January 2 after the festive period! 

Happy 2018 from Dulwich Runners - Our Tuesday and Wednesday club run nights return this week!

The new year is a great time of year to set running and fitness goals such as performing the best you can in a forthcoming event, whether you have done it before or it is all completely new, and you are wondering what was I thinking! Well don't worry as we have runners of all abilities who have signed up for 10km, half marathon or marathons (such as London and Brighton) in the new year as well as people who are looking to improve their parkrun 5km time, get fit or just socialise. Running with other people should help provide the motivation support and top tips to achieve your goal.  

Marathon attempt for Multiple Sclerosis

Starfish Breakfast Run & Picnic 2012 - Brockwell Park, 23rd September

The 'Breakfast Run of Hope' happening in Brockwell Park in September was 'cooked up' by Catherine Weight, a South African living in London who combines her twin passions - baking and running - for an event that's "appealing and fun while raising money for a great cause". Catherine began by baking for friends' birthdays and other special occasions in return for donations to Starfish. Then, wanting to reach out to a larger group of donors than expat South African friends, she went on to organise a half-marathon and raise money for a place in the London Marathon for Starfish.

The Starfish Breakfast Run 2012 hopes to raise around £10,000 for children in South Africa.

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