Herne Hill parties get that magic touch

If you or your kids love illusion, now’s your chance to throw a magic party featuring astonishing shows at Herne Hill’s unique 20-seater theatre. 

Herne Hill magic gets up close and personal

If you love magic and illusion, now’s your chance to get that bit closer to it at Herne Hill’s unique 20-seater theatre. 

On the third Wednesday of every month, the atmospheric theatre, in Half Moon Lane, hosts an evening of magic at the tables. The Get Even Closer show, for adults only, is presented by Barrie Westwell (The Illusioneer) and The illusioneer Team of expert magicians and illusionists. Expect outstanding entertainment, a mixture of magic styles and an escape from the norm.

Counting Down to a Magical Christmas

If your kids are already excitedly counting down the days until Christmas, send them over to the window of the Illusioneer. Every year, the little Half Moon Lane theatre pulls out all the stops for a festive display that gradually changes throughout December to tell a seasonal story.

Expect to see festive scenes of snow, Santa and surprises — of course, with some Christmas magic thrown in.

Our magic psychic piano

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