Friends of Brockwell Park Carboot Sale for August

Clear out your sheds and cupboards, or come seeking recycling bargains and neighbours to talk to! The monthly Friends of Brockwell Park Carboot Sale is back in the Lido carpark on August 6th! See other Friends' events at:

Sally Goble comes to Brockwell Lido this Saturday 28th

The now famous Sally Goble is coming to Brockwell Lido this Saturday 28th March at 9am as part of her 50th birthday quest to swim a mile a day for fifty consecutive days in public pools in and around London.


The story has made quite a splash in the media and she now keeps a blog of her adventures on the Guardian web site: as well as her Twitter page @sallygoble.



Her journey started on Sunday 1st March at the 25m Forest Hill pool and has now taken in over 20 other pools including Charlton Lido, Marshal Street Baths and Crystal Palace. Here favourite so far has been York Hall in Bethnal Green. She says she is saving the open air lidos until the end of her 50 days when she hopes the water might be over 10°C. She might be in for a suprise at Brockwell!

New meditation classes at Brockwell Lido Thurs 7-8pm

It has been a long, long time since the Lido complex has offered a straight meditation session ... let alone an affordable one. I'd peg that back to Western Order "dana" (generosity) bowl Buddhist meditation in the days BEFORE the Lido refurb. The kind of participatory session where people paid what they could and if they couldn't, brought in biscuits for the halftime tea break ... and if they couldn't do that, helped set up and serve the tea from the huge electric tea pot and helped clear off cushions. Meditation is finally back at the Lido and affordable and happening Thursday evenings 7-8 in Whippersnappers. This session isn't run like those in long-gone Western Order days but has a similar kind of vibe, thanks to Dan Levitas who leads it. The Whippersnappers space exudes calm with controlled lighting. Dan takes everyone through instruction - equal measures of science and ritual - before setting off to sea. And at the end he's almost too embarrassed to remind people "it's a fiver, so I can pay for the space." Reinvent your Thursday nights down the Lido! Questions? Ring Dan on 07944 812 943


Countdown to the Herne Hill Music Festival - starts Friday!

We've begun the countdown to the Herne Hill Music Festival! It all kicks off this Friday, October 11th with Blues & Gypsy Jazz Night at The Prince Regent featuring Alan Glen and Steve Morrison! It's going to be a 9 day festival of classical, jazz, folk and other "lighter" music ... which, according to HHMF founder Alan Taylor, basically means it isn't a rock/pop fest. But there's loads on for every preference and across a range of easily accessible venues - folk legend Wizz Jones at The Prince Regent (last year we featured a jazz legend, Stan Tracey), a Mozart opera at Methodist Hall, a Choral Evensong + other free events, Family Concerts, jazz gigs at The Cambria, our Composition Competition (as close to classical X-Factor as you're going to get!) and a Baroque Ball at St Faith's to close the Fest on October 19th. If you haven't had a flyer through the letterbox, you can usually pick one up at Brockwell Lido, or check out Festival listings online:

Lido films this Summer

Windrush Aquathlon at Brockwell Lido and Park, June 2nd

Windrush Aquathlon is at Brockwell Lido and Park on 2nd June. A very inclusive and fun race where participants swim 500m in the lido and then run 5km around the park. Every finisher receives a t-shirt and medal. There will also be a junior race over shorter distances. Entries close in 2 weeks!

Wildflower Slope near the Lido

Now that the new 800m hedge in Brockwell Park has been finished, BP Friends and Lambeth are creating a Wildflower Slope near the Lido in time for Easter. This annual wildflower mix will attract pollinating insects. Cold out but come along and help with preparing the soil for seed-sowing and putting up a protective fence! Tuesday 19th to Thursday 21st March 2013, 10am - 5pm. Warmer by then! Email contact:

BLU UPDATE February 2013




“All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and again doesn’t hurt”

Charles M Schulz


Lido Spa Report 17th Dec (eve), early spa closing, Xmas hours, gym news


It has been a good week in the Lido spa, with most facilities up and running most of the time - with the possible exception of the hydrotherapy pool which, while hot, sometimes hasn't had all jets firing during underwater and overhead jet rotation. But everything was back back online last night. Sauna's been a bit cool at around 78 to 82 as a matter of course, but the steam room is working well again. Elsewhere still waiting on the showers in the men's changing to be sorted - repair date has been set for the 21 Dec, which has meant nearly a month's wait so far. Not usually a problem unless everyone's trying to take a shower at once - such as at closing.


Sarah Olivar teaching Flamenco at Brockwell Lido on Weds - adults & kids

Sarah Olivar teaches flamenco at the Lido on Wednesdays. She has a strong following, supports local festivals (like the Windmill in Brixton). Wonderful class, great teacher, and at Brockwell Lido. She also runs Flamenco Olivar, a London-based contemporary flamenco dance instruction company that "combines choreographic sophistication with authentic flamenco puro". For more info check out her website at:



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